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Best Short Stories Ever

And the Three Best Short Stories Ever Are… There’s a longer list of short stories we could go into but if you are just getting acquainted with short stories, why not start with these classics?

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Jesse, Teach Me to Play Cards

Jesse didnt mess with the wires no more. He picked an old red car with a nice back seat and a soft, red inside. The windows could roll all the way down. He pounded a screwdriver under the steering wheel … Continue reading

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The Screenwriter’s House in LA

(This is a 4000-word short story that contains some adult language and situations) I’d known Dennis’s mom since Dennis and me were in second grade, since the days when she would come out on her cedar deck in that grey … Continue reading

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Ten Great Writers on Fiction Writing

1. Kurt Vonnegut’s 8 Essential Tips for Short Story Writing (Video) 2. Jack Keruac’s Rules for Spontaneous Prose 3. T. S. Eliot and the Objective Correlative 4. H. P. Lovecraft’s Supernatural Horror in Literature 5. Edgar Allan Poe’s The Poetic … Continue reading

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Write Short to Win Long

Things have been just playing themselves out in a laissez faire, capitalistic fashion in the world of indie publishing for some time now. But something occurred to me a few days ago. (I think it was while I was reading the … Continue reading

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Sex Radio

“Dear Alexander Hambone,” the white lab coat-wearing doctor spoke at him squarely and strangely. “Due to the problems and complications of our last experiment, this time you take with you—this! A distress signal. Take it with you on your journey … Continue reading

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The Last Bookstore

AFTER SUBSTITUTE TEACHING, Alexander Hambone was hungry. He headed to the last, remaining bookstore to order a sandwich. He desired a sandwich for his stomach, a chair for his feet and WiFi for his… forgotten laptop——Drats! It was okay that … Continue reading

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