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Giveaway – 15 Books – July 9th

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Chivalry is a Social Contract

So, I was listening to the radio a couple days ago and there was a typical male/female duo explaining how men need to “step-it-up” when it comes to “treating women with respect” and “being chivalrous.” And then we all nod … Continue reading

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Creativity through Conformity? Yes!

We gotta be careful of what we believe. Many Americans subscribe a little too heavily to the Amer-I-Can philosophy and it’s becoming contagious throughout–it’s the myth of the Lone Hero, the Rugged Pioneer or the Cowboy riding into the dusty … Continue reading

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What is Technical Satire?

What is Technical Satire? Short answer: it’s nothing yet. It’s not weird enough to really be Bizarro Fiction and yet too weird to be Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, etc. Is it an extension of Post Modernism and consumer cynicism in … Continue reading

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The iPad and iPhone Interrogate a Dreamer

Got his arms, iPad? Yeah. Got his legs, iPhone? Lash him to the bed with the USB. It’s in the black bag. Let’s rob this fool. No, iPad. Calm down. We’re inside this man’s dream. Understand? We would just be … Continue reading

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Sex Radio

“Dear Alexander Hambone,” the white lab coat-wearing doctor spoke at him squarely and strangely. “Due to the problems and complications of our last experiment, this time you take with you—this! A distress signal. Take it with you on your journey … Continue reading

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High-Tech Sentences

What broader developments in the world-at-large might require something new in the writing of sentences? Is it enough to simply innovate with the content of our communication? A structure/content dichotomy can be borrowed from Neuro Linguistics Programming. All NLP practitioners (sales-professionals, therapists, … Continue reading

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