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The Screenwriter’s House in LA

(This is a 4000-word short story that contains some adult language and situations) I’d known Dennis’s mom since Dennis and me were in second grade, since the days when she would come out on her cedar deck in that grey … Continue reading

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Write Short to Win Long

Things have been just playing themselves out in a laissez faire, capitalistic fashion in the world of indie publishing for some time now. But something occurred to me a few days ago. (I think it was while I was reading the … Continue reading

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The iPad and iPhone Interrogate a Dreamer

Got his arms, iPad? Yeah. Got his legs, iPhone? Lash him to the bed with the USB. It’s in the black bag. Let’s rob this fool. No, iPad. Calm down. We’re inside this man’s dream. Understand? We would just be … Continue reading

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Commercial Dreamtime Testing

ALEXANDER HAMBONE LAY STRAPPED to the steel hospital gurney while a doctor in a white lab coat hovered over him, clenching his clipboard. “Now, Mr. Hambone, it’s imperative you understand that in order to collect the full payment for this … Continue reading

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The Golden C

“WHAT A STUNNING RESTAURANT,” said Jenny. “By the way, may I see your Golden C?” “It’s not the right time,” said Alexander. “Just a tiny peek.” “The waiter will be back any minute.” Like this:Like Loading…

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Discipline Droid

AT A LOCAL RESTAURANT in the college district of Texatronic, Alexander Hambone and his companion were forced to wait an unusual length of time for their gyros while a well-to-do family allowed their children to run laps around combined tables … Continue reading

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THE WEBSITE’S AD was almost too good:  “Leverage the power of TAIR:  Twitter Artificial Intelligence Robot! Awaken a personalized Frankenstein. Unleash it upon the unsuspecting Twitterverse!” I pawed for my credit card. The software was leading edge—powerful, POWERFUL but… artificial … Continue reading

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