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Excerpts from Crackpot Magazine

Crackpot:  Mysterious Abyssal Voice . . . can I call you M.A.V.? You know, like short for Maverick? M.A.V.:  Certainly. Crackpot:  Mav, many notables throughout history have heard you, but only recently have you come to the public’s attention. I suppose, the most important question … Continue reading

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What is Technical Satire?

What is Technical Satire? Short answer: it’s nothing yet. It’s not weird enough to really be Bizarro Fiction and yet too weird to be Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, etc. Is it an extension of Post Modernism and consumer cynicism in … Continue reading

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The Unplugged Lifestyle

Scene:—Alexander Hambone is at his apartment’s dining table with a telephone company representative. MR. HAMBONE, OUR RECORDS REFLECT that you have been an excellent cellular customer for the past several years and yet, for reasons unknown, you refuse our offers … Continue reading

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Talent Police

“DEAR DIARY, Installing you on my computer is the best decision I’ve ever made. You’ve lived up to every claim made on your packaging. I highly doubt you’ll insubordinate or grow the hangnail-personalities that plagued past diaries.

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