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The Riddle of Plastic

Scene: ——A much older Alexander Hambone is counseling his only son on the family-room couch of his palatial mansion.  Watcha watching there little youngster? Conan the Barbarian! *child swings an imaginary sword* the riddle of steel! You really are taken … Continue reading

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The Mob Awaits a New Product, Drug, Gadget, OS or Something

“Why do we have to wait here at the back of this stupid warehouse? Why can’t we just get whatever it is on Amazon? – Will you shut-up, woman? My email said come here. It didn’t say nothing about no … Continue reading

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Adventures in eBook Production

Recently, I finished the formatting and upload of the last of my four ebooks to Smashwords. This marks a milestone for my e-publishing efforts in that I have now self-published in both the Amazon and Smashwords marketplaces. E-publishing ebooks yourself … Continue reading

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The Last Bookstore

AFTER SUBSTITUTE TEACHING, Alexander Hambone was hungry. He headed to the last, remaining bookstore to order a sandwich. He desired a sandwich for his stomach, a chair for his feet and WiFi for his… forgotten laptop——Drats! It was okay that … Continue reading

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The Golden C

“WHAT A STUNNING RESTAURANT,” said Jenny. “By the way, may I see your Golden C?” “It’s not the right time,” said Alexander. “Just a tiny peek.” “The waiter will be back any minute.”

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Discipline Droid

AT A LOCAL RESTAURANT in the college district of Texatronic, Alexander Hambone and his companion were forced to wait an unusual length of time for their gyros while a well-to-do family allowed their children to run laps around combined tables … Continue reading

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THE WEBSITE’S AD was almost too good:  “Leverage the power of TAIR:  Twitter Artificial Intelligence Robot! Awaken a personalized Frankenstein. Unleash it upon the unsuspecting Twitterverse!” I pawed for my credit card. The software was leading edge—powerful, POWERFUL but… artificial … Continue reading

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