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A Short Story of Family, Alcohol and Aliens

http://traffic.libsyn.com/davidwallacefleming/NFC_029__The_Magic-Fiver_-_Short_Story.mp3 The Magic-Fiver is a short story exploring the numerous secrets that a seemingly normal family can keep hidden. No, it was not inspired by Robin Williams and his portrayal in Mork and Mindy… or was it? It was, however, brought … Continue reading

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Excerpts from Crackpot Magazine

Crackpot:  Mysterious Abyssal Voice . . . can I call you M.A.V.? You know, like short for Maverick? M.A.V.:  Certainly. Crackpot:  Mav, many notables throughout history have heard you, but only recently have you come to the public’s attention. I suppose, the most important question … Continue reading

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The iPad and iPhone Interrogate a Dreamer

Got his arms, iPad? Yeah. Got his legs, iPhone? Lash him to the bed with the USB. It’s in the black bag. Let’s rob this fool. No, iPad. Calm down. We’re inside this man’s dream. Understand? We would just be … Continue reading

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Couch-Surfing Extraterrestrial

Rough night of partying for Alexander Hambone, no BS. His head rang as he got up and crossed his messy apartment to make an answer to the loud pounding on his front door. The door opened to let in the … Continue reading

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Adventures in Audiobook Production

It began with a daydream while working at my cubicle, listening to an audiobook: “Hey!” I thought. “I can do this stuff. I can make my own audiobook! from some of my best short stories. I can sell it through … Continue reading

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Commercial Dreamtime Testing

ALEXANDER HAMBONE LAY STRAPPED to the steel hospital gurney while a doctor in a white lab coat hovered over him, clenching his clipboard. “Now, Mr. Hambone, it’s imperative you understand that in order to collect the full payment for this … Continue reading

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Soulmate Divorce

HAROLD AND PATTY WERE HIGHSCHOOL SWEETHEARTS. They rushed from their senior prom to a damp log cabin lit with a few candles and lost their virginity.

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