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Science Fiction and Humor Stories about iPods, Ebooks and Texting

[powerpress http://traffic.libsyn.com/davidwallacefleming/38_NFC_038__Four_Short_Stories_-_Science_Fiction___Fantasy___Humor.mp3] (Explicit Language and Adult Themes). These satirical works of short fiction feature Alexander Hambone and explore issues of everday modern life. Running time: 35:50

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NFC 022: Daughter Thieves – Science Fiction

http://traffic.libsyn.com/davidwallacefleming/NFC_022__Daughter_Thieves_-_Short_Story.mp3 In this near-future, science fiction revenge story the themes of speed and technology are intermixed with supernatural elements. Star Wars Episode I … er III is the first striking occurrence I can recall of juxtaposing science with the spirit. … Continue reading

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Science Fiction is Dead. What’s Next?

In the beginning, life was hard. We needed escape and therefore we wrote: Escapism As fiction evolved, we added human symbolism to our escapism and we wrote: Escapism with Allegory

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