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Zombie Clown Western

http://traffic.libsyn.com/davidwallacefleming/Zombie_Clown_Western_humor.mp3 THERE WERE SEVEN OF THEM LEFT—eyes bloodshot, worn thin. They waited for the sun to spill over the emptied saloon of the dust blown town. Montgomery and Tallboy had pulled a bunch together—mostly drifters—shiftless types. None of the bona … Continue reading

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Chivalry is a Social Contract

So, I was listening to the radio a couple days ago and there was a typical male/female duo explaining how men need to “step-it-up” when it comes to “treating women with respect” and “being chivalrous.” And then we all nod … Continue reading

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Excerpts from Crackpot Magazine

Crackpot:  Mysterious Abyssal Voice . . . can I call you M.A.V.? You know, like short for Maverick? M.A.V.:  Certainly. Crackpot:  Mav, many notables throughout history have heard you, but only recently have you come to the public’s attention. I suppose, the most important question … Continue reading

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The Fourth Method of Characterization

For all you novelists and short story writers out there, you may have heard that the first three methods of developing characters in a story are: 1.) Dialouge: Where the naunces of personality are revealed through each character’s mannerisms of … Continue reading

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Positivity – The Secret Sauce that Makes Fiction Sizzle

Positivity. Am I positive that that’s what good fiction needs? yes. So many people are out there writing great stuff in fictional worlds that no one would ever want to visit. A negative fictional world is too much like the … Continue reading

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The iPad and iPhone Interrogate a Dreamer

Got his arms, iPad? Yeah. Got his legs, iPhone? Lash him to the bed with the USB. It’s in the black bag. Let’s rob this fool. No, iPad. Calm down. We’re inside this man’s dream. Understand? We would just be … Continue reading

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The Unplugged Lifestyle

Scene:—Alexander Hambone is at his apartment’s dining table with a telephone company representative. MR. HAMBONE, OUR RECORDS REFLECT that you have been an excellent cellular customer for the past several years and yet, for reasons unknown, you refuse our offers … Continue reading

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