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Two-Minute Glory – A Musical Short Story

http://traffic.libsyn.com/davidwallacefleming/NFC_040__Short_Story_-_Two-Minute_Glory_1.mp3Two-Minute Glory is a short story for new college grads and other youngsters who are excited about moving to new cities. As I was working on the mix and master of this podcast, it started to become apparent that there … Continue reading

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A Short Story of Family, Alcohol and Aliens

http://traffic.libsyn.com/davidwallacefleming/NFC_029__The_Magic-Fiver_-_Short_Story.mp3 The Magic-Fiver is a short story exploring the numerous secrets that a seemingly normal family can keep hidden. No, it was not inspired by Robin Williams and his portrayal in Mork and Mindy… or was it? It was, however, brought … Continue reading

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Zombie Clown Western

http://traffic.libsyn.com/davidwallacefleming/Zombie_Clown_Western_humor.mp3 THERE WERE SEVEN OF THEM LEFT—eyes bloodshot, worn thin. They waited for the sun to spill over the emptied saloon of the dust blown town. Montgomery and Tallboy had pulled a bunch together—mostly drifters—shiftless types. None of the bona … Continue reading

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Proper Edit-Selfing

Sensory acuity is not getting its proper attention in the discussion of self-editing. A writer needs acuity in one’s senses while rewriting. This is where things get all super squishy.

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Paragraph Structure, C & F

A while back I was working as a substitute teacher. I remember that at every elementary school they always had these posters that described how to write a good paragraph using a sandwich as a metaphor. I really hated those … Continue reading

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Architecture and Inspiration

So, I guess I should write something on this thing, huh? I’ve been wanting to write for a while on the relationship between architecture and inspiration. You see, I started a new job several months ago (never mind where…. stalkers … Continue reading

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The Riddle of Plastic

Scene: ——A much older Alexander Hambone is counseling his only son on the family-room couch of his palatial mansion.  Watcha watching there little youngster? Conan the Barbarian! *child swings an imaginary sword* the riddle of steel! You really are taken … Continue reading

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