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Modern Manhood – A Manifesto

http://traffic.libsyn.com/davidwallacefleming/NFC_026__Modern_Manhood_-_A_Manifesto.mp3 Hear ye, hear ye! Come gather round and extend me an outstretched ear. At the click of a finger is nothing less than my very own, personal Jerry Maguire Memorandum. I wrote it at a feverish pace, immediately after … Continue reading

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The Audacity of Momentum

Why do people stop themselves once they’ve got something started? Why do people stop short of achieving a goal, again and again? Sure, part of the problem is the fear of the unknown but the other problem is a lack … Continue reading

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Proper Edit-Selfing

Sensory acuity is not getting its proper attention in the discussion of self-editing. A writer needs acuity in one’s senses while rewriting. This is where things get all super squishy.

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Poetry, Remixed…

Poetry is supposed to be spoken out loud. Right? So a written down poem is inherently an impoverished poem. And a poem obtained too quickly and easily through the quick tapping and spellcheck of word processors might just be impoverished, … Continue reading

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The Fourth Method of Characterization

For all you novelists and short story writers out there, you may have heard that the first three methods of developing characters in a story are: 1.) Dialouge: Where the naunces of personality are revealed through each character’s mannerisms of … Continue reading

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Write Short to Win Long

Things have been just playing themselves out in a laissez faire, capitalistic fashion in the world of indie publishing for some time now. But something occurred to me a few days ago. (I think it was while I was reading the … Continue reading

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Creativity through Conformity? Yes!

We gotta be careful of what we believe. Many Americans subscribe a little too heavily to the Amer-I-Can philosophy and it’s becoming contagious throughout–it’s the myth of the Lone Hero, the Rugged Pioneer or the Cowboy riding into the dusty … Continue reading

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