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Poetry, Remixed…

Poetry is supposed to be spoken out loud. Right? So a written down poem is inherently an impoverished poem. And a poem obtained too quickly and easily through the quick tapping and spellcheck of word processors might just be impoverished, … Continue reading

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The Mob Awaits a New Product, Drug, Gadget, OS or Something

“Why do we have to wait here at the back of this stupid warehouse? Why can’t we just get whatever it is on Amazon? – Will you shut-up, woman? My email said come here. It didn’t say nothing about no … Continue reading

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The Heat

THE AHEARA’S HULL GROANED and folded. It burst up with licking flames as we escaped in the lifeboat with my thumb dead-stopping the outboard’s throttle. I clutched the flare gun in my other hand. The Aheara’s bow upturned, sinking in … Continue reading

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