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Informative Podcasts about Fiction

1.) For those interested in getting the lay-of-land with respect to the modern novel:   The American Novel Since 1945 Amy Hungerford is ‘the bomb’ at ‘opening the text.’ Plus, it’s an Open Yale course… classy! 2.) For straight-talk about the … Continue reading

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Waht is Gr8ness?

FOR EXAMPLE, RIGHT HERE:  There have been many interspersed instances of intense gegarblegezap. None of which have been sandwich way to the seashore?

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What is “Literary” Fiction …I mean REALLY

Recently I posted a review on Goodreads that was basically the same as my post F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Mysterious Triumph: This Side of Paradise. In that review and post, I mentioned the word “literary” several times and a Goodreads member … Continue reading

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What is Technical Satire?

What is Technical Satire? Short answer: it’s nothing yet. It’s not weird enough to really be Bizarro Fiction and yet too weird to be Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, etc. Is it an extension of Post Modernism and consumer cynicism in … Continue reading

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High-Tech Sentences

What broader developments in the world-at-large might require something new in the writing of sentences? Is it enough to simply innovate with the content of our communication? A structure/content dichotomy can be borrowed from Neuro Linguistics Programming. All NLP practitioners (sales-professionals, therapists, … Continue reading

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Adventures in eBook Production

Recently, I finished the formatting and upload of the last of my four ebooks to Smashwords. This marks a milestone for my e-publishing efforts in that I have now self-published in both the Amazon and Smashwords marketplaces. E-publishing ebooks yourself … Continue reading

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First Review, KDP Select, Ebook Weirdness

The first review from a book blog for my novel, Growing up Wired, was posted on Amazon and Goodreads by Lori Clark of Just Bookin’ Around this past Saturday. I have to admit it was a moment of anticipation for … Continue reading

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