Growing up Wired – Audiobook

Audible Audiobook of Growing up WiredHow will relationships change in the age of the internet?

Victor likes to admire his girlfriends’ online pictures. These girls can’t seem to stop posting self-shots to Facebook and all the social sites. Soon all the young men in his fraternity are competing for the attention of these online, amateur pinups.

The classic problems of maturity are complicated for Victor by a set of new challenges. He struggles with smartphones, text-games, recreational pharmaceuticals, porn addiction, reversed gender roles, and a motley crew of well-meaning yet misguided mentors.

The technological quandaries get even more confusing in the maelstrom of booze, drugs, and social competition. He gets in fights, pops pills, and embarks on a quest to learn why young women post so many pictures and why guys can’t stop themselves from looking.

He might just find a girl to fall in love with – on both sides of the camera.

Throughout these discoveries, he wonders:

What kind of love is this? The wired kind.

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