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Best Short Stories Ever

And the Three Best Short Stories Ever Are… There’s a longer list of short stories we could go into but if you are just getting acquainted with short stories, why not start with these classics?

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NFC 020: MAKE YOUR WRITING STAND OUT’s an outline of the concepts discussed in this podcast: State Management of the Author Sentences as Ideas Fractionation and Other Strategic Repetition The Beloved Semicolon The Socioeconomic Voice of the Author Symbolism as Hypnotic Ambiguity Subscribe on iTunes | Download | Open in … Continue reading

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Giveaway – 15 Books – July 9th Enter the Goodreads giveaway here!

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A Bizarro Fiction Audiobook on Audible

I’m pleased to announce that, after years of waiting and hoping, the bizarro fiction collection of short stories, Not from Concentrate, is finally available on! This project has been a labor of love for me since I first decided … Continue reading

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Proper Edit-Selfing

Sensory acuity is not getting its proper attention in the discussion of self-editing. A writer needs acuity in one’s senses while rewriting. This is where things get all super squishy.

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Interview on Wattpad about Social Media

The following is my first podcast interview. Yes, I was a little nervous. I had about a glass or maybe a glass and a half of wine just before (pinot noir, no I will NOT drink merlot!!!).  And I took … Continue reading

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Paragraph Structure 2, Hypnotic Outliers

This is a continuation of a previous post, Paragraph Structure, C & F. This post will discuss how the history of modern hypnosis can provide useful insights into writing interesting paragraphs. Many people are afraid or otherwise concerned with the … Continue reading

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