Secrets of Cartesian Charisma!


The secrets of Cartesian Charisma are really something else! No, I didn’t learn them from Rene Descartes himself. No, his brother didn’t tell me, either. But one thing is certain: we all need to possess charisma from time-to-time and not just thimble-full amounts of charisma… no, we need Wheel-Barrels-of-Charisma. Listen for more details about the Wheel-Barrels.


About davidwallacefleming

David Wallace Fleming is a U.S. writer, living in Austin, Texas. He is the author of the coming-of-age, social media novel GROWING UP WIRED, and the satirical science fiction audiobook, NOT FROM CONCENTRATE.
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  1. Mason says:

    This has given me food for thought.

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