Inspiration and Exercise

It’s been said that motion creates emotion. Is that so? Well, if that’s the case then it must follow that different types of motion create different types of emotion. For example, sitting on a couch and watching TV might create the no-motion/no-emotion type of emotion.

Conversely, going jogging outside might give a person a sense of openness and freedom that might lend to the creation of new ideas. Lifting weights, lifting really heavy weights might give someone the feeling of being able to move immovable obstacles. Rowing on a rowing machine or ellipsing on a elliptical machine might give someone the sense that they are capable and ready to do a very repetitive process such as editing text or formatting an ebook.

Basically, all I’m saying here is that our exercise of choice for the season or the moment may actually have a lot to do with what tasks need to be accomplished for that moment. Just as we reach plateaus in our physicality, we can also reach emotional plateaus. But what are emotions anyways? A brain scientist might likely tell us that emotions are the brain’s way of helping us make important decisions. And perhaps it’s the decision to change up a routine that can create the biggest emotional advantages for both body and mind.

P.S. Does anyone else out there ever worry that if they run too much on a treadmill that Relativistically their arms and legs will be younger than their head and torso? Just me… …. Oh, so that was a weird thing to put at the end of a blog? 

About davidwallacefleming

David Wallace Fleming is a U.S. writer, living in Austin, Texas. He is the author of the coming-of-age, social media novel GROWING UP WIRED, and the satirical science fiction audiobook, NOT FROM CONCENTRATE.
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4 Responses to Inspiration and Exercise

  1. Ia Uaro says:

    Nah. Your fitness affects your head too – you’ll feel young and confident when healthy.

  2. Mason says:

    You are an inspiration to get exercising. It can be life changing.

  3. Harper says:

    Okay, I will say it. That was a strange thing to put at the end of your blog:O Sorry: LOL I couldn’t resist. I’m joking of course! Running outside versus the treadmill certainly presents different opportunities and challenges but at least if you get inspiration while on the treadmill you may not have to run quite so far to capture your thoughts. Thanks for reminding us that exercise can provide an opportunity for mental clarity. I know that yoga and running certainly changed my life and I couldn’t imagine a day without exercise.

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