Google Plus, The Advantages

1.) Arrive at the Party Early and Be a Big Hit 

Google Plus is just starting up! Its like that moment at the big party when all the boys and girls have showed up, all done-up in their best clothes, but they’re lined-up on opposite sides of the cafeteria. You could mix things up and get the party started. You could be the hero that sets it off!

2.) Allows Massive Amount of Links on Profile Page

Twitter is great. It also allows for users to engage with you without you following them back right away. But Twitter is somewhat stingy with their one-link limitation on profiles. I’ve currently got nine links posted on my Google Plus profile. For marketers, Google Plus is presenting a massive potential to knit-up the social media presence that they’ve developed and send potential customers out to engage with them on the sites that those customers enjoy best.

3.) Google Plus Users are Smart and Know What They Want

When people join Google Plus, they usually do so because they have something very specific that they’re passionate about. This makes the Google Plus experience more enjoyable by allowing people to bond through narrow specific circles, instead of a million posts about football games and engagement rings and baby photos. Don’t get me wrong, those kinds of posts are all great, but they’ve proliferated on Facebook because that’s what the medium of “Let Everybody See It” encourages. Google Plus is a chance to show people what makes you unique. (It’s not set-up to be a pissing-contest of Mine’s Bigger).

4.) Google Continues Its Tradition of Generosity

How did Gmail establish it’s dominance in the area of email? They gave their users virtually unlimited storage space. Pssst! Google’s philosophy hasn’t changed and they’re doing it again. When I first joined Google Plus, they allowed me to add thousands of people to numerous circles. After I’d circled around 2,500 people, they started limiting my circling to around 250 a day. As mentioned earlier they also allow for massive outbound links on your profile. They don’t care! They win by a strategy of being more forward-thinking and generous than the next competitor.  

5.) Content Producers: Test and Track Your Strategies

If you’re marketing on Twitter or Facebook, you’ve basically got one chance to get your message right. Send out a slightly off-kilter message and that tiny spark of a following that you’re trying to nurture will tune-out and unfollow – because everything you say and post is shared with everyone. With Google Plus, you can launch numerous campaigns, exclusively to targeted circles. Then, simply wait and see which of those campaigns performs and integrate that into your overall approach. 

6.) Network Narrow and Deep

Marketers, hobbyists and enthusiasts have been wanting to be able to do this online for years. Now the capability is finally here. Unfortunately, many haven’t figured out the trick yet. Let’s say you have a lawn-care business. Type the name of the leading brand name of riding mower into the G+ search bar, then switch the drop-down to people and places. On their page, you’ll see that thousands of people have added this mower into their circles. Add as many of these like-minded enthusiasts into your circles as you wish!

7.) Privacy Will Encourage More Exciting Posts

As mentioned earlier the reason that many Facebook and Twitter posts tend to be so bland is that those networks aren’t set-up to showcase what really makes us each so unique – what we’re uniquely passionate about in our lives. Also, why tell the whole world about something that only two or three friends really care about? Circles give users the capability to join forces with other geeks and really geek-out.

8.) Post As Much as You Want Without Being Boring

If you post forty-five times in forty-five minutes on a Twitter account that’s just being established… well, forget it because we all know that that wouldn’t work. People would get annoyed and you’d lose what few followers you had. Enter Google Plus. First set-up numerous circles and get some people to add you back. Then, you can rapid fire off forty-five posts to forty-five separate circle and each circle only receives one post.

9.) Bloggers:  Plus Searches = More Google Referrers 

Google is in cahoots with… Google. Surprised? For good or ill, this is the current situation. If you get more G+ search referrers on your blog, then you are going to get more general Google search traffic as well. 

10.) Marketers:  Plus Searches Engage Your Sites More 

Since Google Plus allowed you to put in all that effort up front to target your audience, the people who find your sites through Google Plus are going to be highly interested in the topics you post about. So, they’re going to be that much more likely to click links on your page, sign up for newsletters, and, yes, even buy stuff.

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David Wallace Fleming is a U.S. writer, living in Austin, Texas. He is the author of the coming-of-age, social media novel GROWING UP WIRED, and the satirical science fiction audiobook, NOT FROM CONCENTRATE.
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  1. Honie Briggs says:

    Nice post David. Did you happen to see this?
    I’m not a tech person, and like most half analog/half e-wanna-bees, I often find myself intimidated by tech. This is irritating because I like to believe I’m a confident person. Tech mostly leaves me googley eyed. So, thanks for breaking it down for me. : )

    • No, I hadn’t seen that yet. Thank you. But I have heard that this is becoming a problem online. There is a certain contingent of people who don’t want new information and a certain contingent that simply can’t do without.

  2. Mason says:

    Enlightening information. Thanks!!

  3. So that’s what G+ is…. 😉

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