OMG, 21 Jumpstreet! Now UR Talkin H-Wood!

Recently, 21 Jumpstreet was rented by yours truly. Expectations set on low. But hold-on!? what is this, son? What is this; what is this; what is this – BRAIN FREEZE – BRAIN MALFUNCTION – it is, it is humor – maybe even humour…. Hmmm. 

Casting? Check. Check bigtime. James Franco’s little brother is the schizznit in this movie. Seriously, can I ask you a question man/woman? Let’s say you’re a casting director for a movie like this. How are you gonna cast a villain who’s this young for a part like this and still have him be charismatic and a little intimidating? Answer: Dave Franco. He just seems a little crazy and intense, like he’s got something sinister up his sleeve the whole time and so it works. Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Rob Riggle, Ice Cube – they’re all on their game. 

Plot? Check. The storyline actually has an arc. And it makes sense. And it can be followed and enjoyed. Characters we meet early on actually play a role later in the film! I know, right? Miraculous. 

The humor is fresh and original. We’ve had movies about adults wanting to go back to their college days (Old School) but I can’t really recall a movie about people in their mid-twenties wanting to go back to high school. It’s just so pathetic that it’s funny. I love the way they address that everything can completely change in about five years of time. This movie wouldn’t have made any sense if it were to have been made in the 1950’s, so in that sense, it can be considered original. 

Granted, in a sense this is a remake. But it’s a remake of a TV show into a movie and not of a movie into another movie.

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David Wallace Fleming is a U.S. writer, living in Austin, Texas. He is the author of the coming-of-age, social media novel GROWING UP WIRED, and the satirical science fiction audiobook, NOT FROM CONCENTRATE.
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4 Responses to OMG, 21 Jumpstreet! Now UR Talkin H-Wood!

  1. drewpan says:

    I enjoyed the hell out of this movie too. I went in with the lowest of low expectations expecting a crappy remake cashing in on nostalgia, but found a movie that really holds its own and does justice to the original material!

  2. Justin says:

    Agreed, I was completely blown away by this movie. Definitely didn’t expect it to be as enjoyable as it was.

  3. erikankie says:

    You know what they do to guys like me in prison? IT RHYMES WITH GRAPE! -I was equally please on low expectations turned awesome.

  4. Tatyana says:

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