Marshmallows Are Space Aliens, Too!

This probably needs to be said and since marshmallows are shy and reclusive and gooey, I’ll be the one to say it, okay. Look! marshmallows are space aliens too, alright? 

There have been many faniciful times when me-mo-me-mo-me was all the marshmallows would sing from out their towers, their holes, their aloof academic positions. But now times are finally changing, okay? Now marshmallows too can be space aliens. Some say that marshmallows are mallow and sticky, through-and-through, and that there is no mystical surprise inside the warm, gooey goodness. Those people are right? Wrong!!

Want smore evidence? 

Certain comparisons are unavoidable. Both are nice to have by a campfire. Both scream unheard battlecries in deep Deep Space before they feast on their prey. Both are sweet and light and fluffy. My mother was marshmallow. My father, several strategic graham crackers. My great-grandfather? a sharpened tree branch and the lapping sea. Do I have to connect all the dots? 

One time, while stationed on planet Gegarglezop with homeboy, Billy, me and The Kernal (Sanders) were ingaged in Mortal Kombat with a deadly, many-fisted M-mallow that was anything but mallow. We survived that one by way of several, well-stashed trivia questions (M-mallows are suckers for trivia).

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David Wallace Fleming is a U.S. writer, living in Austin, Texas. He is the author of the coming-of-age, social media novel GROWING UP WIRED, and the satirical science fiction audiobook, NOT FROM CONCENTRATE.
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  1. Linda Vernon says:

    You sound just like Douglas Adams! And I love the writing of Douglas Adams as much as I fear these deadly many-fisted M-mellows!

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